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Bloch / Mirella

Whisper Satin Matte Finish Pointe Shoe (MS141)

Whisper Satin Matte Finish Pointe Shoe (MS141)

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Whisper Satin Matte Finish (MS141) - Limited Stock - Discontinued - Originally $79.00

Whisper Satin provides optimal comfort and support.  The revolutionary soft suede outsole is paired with noise reducing technology that keeps the shoe quiet when it comes in contact with the floor.


  • Cushioned box.
  • Low profile.
  • Shank is supportive and flexible at the heel and allows the foot to arch in a well aligned manner, enabling the metatarsal area to be lengthened.
  • Last closely follows the natural contours of the foot.
  • Removable toe cushions.
  • Cotton drawstring.


Note: Pointe shoes should fit perfectly and never leave room for growth, so in order to ensure they support feet precisely and comfortably, we recommend getting fitted by our professional fitters before you buy a new pair of pointe shoes. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for pointe shoes that have broken as a result of not being fitted prior to purchasing. Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training and instruction. They can cause injury if worn improperly. 

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